Besides investments, we also offer support to all local entrepreneurs. This can come in the form of consultancy, feedback, pitch training, support from academia and event providing interns for startups in need.

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Pitch Training
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We have also developed a coaching program as part of our integrated services. The aim of this program would be to connect teachers and professionals from the University of Twente and Saxion with entrepreneurs in need of advice and support. For this, DSIF will create a database, containing all teachers and professionals who wish to offer their services. The coaching process is as follows Entrepreneurs come to the DSIF asking for advice, training or coaching. Together with them we draft a letter containing their needs and specifications. The letter is then sent to the relevant coaches (depending on the field of interest). The coaches will contact the entrepreneur directly. It is up to the entrepreneurs and coaches to find a suitable solution for themselves. As we will keep in contact with the entrepreneurs on a weekly or biweekly basis we will monitor this process closely. By doing this we allow entrepreneurs to brake their own barriers and provide them with access to resources that they might not know about. Interested in a coach or being a mentor? We would love to assist you! Send us an email at!


We have developed an internship program, aimed at allowing students from the University of Twente and Saxion to participate in internships within our portfolio companies. This will be beneficial for both students and entrepreneurs, as the students receive hands on experience in a field of interest and the entrepreneurs receive a temporary employee to work on a project and bring a fresh view in the company. Entrepreneurs that are interested in having interns at their company can approach DSIF and express their interest in giving an internship position within (a) certain field(s) of interest. DSIF will then link the entrepreneurs to the relevant educational organisations such as Saxion or the University of Twente. These organisations will then help the entrepreneur by distributing the internship description among the students of the field(s) of interest. Once the contact between the educational organisation and the entrepreneur has been established, DSIF will not be involved or responsible for the outcome of the internship. Interested? Send us an email at!

  • Work

    Are you a student looking for an internship in a startup? We can introduce you to our environment, where you can select the startup you wish to work with.

  • Research

    Are you a student looking for a bachelor or masters assignment? We can ask our portfolio companies and find the best fit for you.

  • Innovation

    Do you have a startup in need of fresh ideas? We can help you find student to bring some fresh ideas in your business.