We are looking for you!

The Dutch Student Investment Fund is looking for new people! Join us and get involved in the world of investments. Take the opportunity to join DSIF as either a board member or as a junior investor, and become an experienced investor!

Board Member

Four ambitious students are given the opportunity to run the investment fund. Being board member means that you are the person who, together with your colleagues, run the fund on a day-to-day basis. You will assess business plans, decide whether DSIF is going to invest or not, and help entrepreneurs. Do not worry if you are not knowledgeable about these topics, you will get trainings and workshops from our experienced and professional partners. Also, it does not matter what kind of program you are following, as long as you study at either Saxion University of Applied Sciences or the University of Twente.

Each board member has his or her own set of tasks which need to be carried out and for which he or she is responsible. This results in a total workload of around 10-15 hours per week. For the next college year(s) we are looking for a new Chairman and a new Finance Director, their three main activities include:


Develop the strategy of the fund.
Meet with strategic partners.
Manage the team.

Finance Director

Develop the financial strategy.
Manage financial risks.
Manage the cashflow.

Junior Investor

As a Junior Investor in the committee you are of crucial importance to the investment process of the fund, as you are the first person in line to get in touch with the entrepreneurs. During the Investment Process you’ll be helping the entrepreneur in various ways, dependent on the kind of support that the entrepreneur is in need of. For example, this may be by helping the entrepreneur create a business plan or an investor pitch.

Furthermore, as a Junior Investor you’ve got an advisory role in the fund when it comes to actually making an investment. At DSIF we’re aiming for a very diverse team of people. This gives the fund the ability to look at various business proposals from multiple perspectives. That’s the reason why you don’t need to study finance or business to become a part of DSIF.

For next college year we are looking for 4 new junior investors. As you’ll be sharing your workload with 3 other Junior Investors, we expect you to put in 4 to 6 hours a week, making it a very manageable committee to do next to your study.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any other questions, you can message Jelle either at jelle@dsif.nl or at +31 6 50 83 19 50.

How to get involved?

There are two ways of applying for the positions. You can either send an email to apply@dsif.nl or you can fill in the form below. Either way, make sure your motivation letter and resume are included. The deadline for applying is December 22nd, 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people think investing is mainly about finance. That’s a misconception: money is only a means to facilitating growth. Investing is about assessing the potential of a product, team or revenue model. It is about having a vision on which ideas will work in the near future, and which will flop. It is about having a gut feeling for whether a team of people will succeed or not. It is about spotting opportunities and identifying threats that others may not see. It is about falling in love with a concept and maintaining a critical view at the same time. It is about creatively thinking about how a company can grow and be successful, and having the ability to support the company to do so. And it is about finance. But finance can be learned.

So let it be clear: we do not select on field of study. The only hard requirements are that you are enrolled as a student at either Saxion University of Applied Sciences or the University of Twente, and are available for a minimum of 12 months.

You might think investment is solely for senior professionals. We disagree. Twente has a tradition of making students achieve great stuff. If students can run student associations with hundreds of members, organize events with thousands of visitors, or better yet, create startups generating millions of revenue, why wouldn’t they be able to run a venture capital fund?

We believe that when you give ambitious students true responsibility, magical things can happen. Students are intelligent, creative and eager to show what they’ve got. Of course, they will not have a lot of experience yet, and they will make mistakes sometimes. But that’s okay. You just have to make sure they are in the right environment and have access to the right tools to develop themselves. And with the support of entrepreneurship powerhouses like Kennispark, UT and Saxion providing coaching, knowledge and network, they do.

Still don’t believe us? That’s alright! We’ll show you in the coming years.

Nope! Being part of the DSIF is free of any charge, and everyone in the DSIF organization is working on a voluntary basis. The only parties making money on DSIF are the shareholders.

We do not select on field of study. The only hard requirements are that you are enrolled as a student at either Saxion University of Applied Sciences or the University of Twente, and are available for a minimum of 12 months.

The most important thing we’re looking for is variety. You can never have too many perspectives when it comes to deciding on whether to invest in a company or not: every additional viewpoint that is brought to the table leads to a better founded decision. That’s why we need both marketing and science, both management and maths, and both the academic and the applied way of thinking.

That being said, running an investment fund is no small feat. In addition, as this is a student fund, members of the fund will only be involved for a limited time span (instead of multiple years). That’s why we are looking for students that are eager to learn, able to learn quick, like a challenge, and have good analytical skills.

Because DSIF is not just about investing but also about leading the fund as a company itself, we need people that like to challenge the status quo and go beyond the beaten track. With the Dutch Student Investment Fund just getting started, there is a great amount of future opportunities to expand and improve, and we need entrepreneurial students to seize those.

Both being a member of the board or of the investment committee is considered part-time, which you should be able to do in combination with studying full time. Of course, it will still consume a significant amount of time, so expect to have to work hard. As we’re still figuring out the right balance, since we’re only half a year up and running, we can’t provide you with the exact amounts, but we estimate it will be somewhere between 6 to 10 hours a week for a board member and around 4 to 6 hours a week for a Junior Investor.

If you join DSIF, that’s for a minimum of 12 months starting November 2017. Afterwards, you can extend that by additional periods of 6 months each.

Good question! We have three important bodies:

The Meeting of Shareholders;
The Board;
The Investment Committee.

The Investment Committee is a committee of up to 6 students and operates directly under supervision of the Board. They perform the day to day operations: scouting for interesting startups (called deal sourcing), helping the entrepreneurs in polishing their business plans, and, if they really like the startup, coaching them in convincing the Board to invest. Prior before actually investing, they will also perform a thorough screening on the company to make sure everything’s alright. That’s called the due diligence.

The Board is responsible for the management of DSIF. They have the discretion to invest in a startup. Their main task is to ultimately decide whether it’s a deal or not. In addition, they lead the fund: they manage the investment committee, keep an eye out on the financial situation, make sure the shareholders are happy, attract new shareholders, decide on the strategy, et cetera. The Board consists of 7 people, and here is the magic formula of DSIF: of those 7 people, 4 are students, and 3 are professionals working in the venture capital world. The student board consists of the following functions; Chairman, Director of Finance, Director of Portfolio Companies and Director of Marketing. The professionals will be in the Board for multiple years, and bring experience to the table. But ultimately, as board decisions are made by majority vote, the student board members are always in charge.

The shareholders are the owners of the fund. They invested capital, and in return, they got shares. Collectively, they’re called the Meeting of Shareholders. The Board works for them, and they have the right to both hire and fire members of the Board. This means that if you apply for DSIF, while you’ll go through a selection process, ultimately the Meeting of Shareholders will put you in charge. The Meeting of Shareholders is responsible for taking the really big, fundamental decisions about the fund, like editing the articles of association, changing the goal of the fund, or liquidate the fund. However, the shareholders are not involved with DSIF on a day to day basis. That’s the job of the Board and the Investment Committee.

As a student, you have to be a part of the Investment Committee for a while before you can get promoted to the Board. However, when we say we’re only recruiting members for the Investment Committee we also mean that we’re looking at a potential board member for the future.