LoCoMoGo it’s a deal…DSIF invests in a programming toy train!

Locomogo x DSIF
Dutch Student Investment Fund

Dutch Student Investment Fund

Dutch Student Investment Fund (DSIF) is a student-run venture capital fund. DSIF invests into innovative startups created by bachelor, master, PhD students or recent graduates from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

We are proud to announce that DSIF has invested 50.000 euros in a UT start-up LoCoMoGo, the company of student entrepreneur Kibet Kipkemoi. The master student Embedded Sytems develops a toy train that teaches children - in a playful way - the basics of programming.

About LoCoMoGo

LoCoMoGo (link) is the start-up led by student-entrepreneur Kibet Kipkemoi (MSc. Embedded Systems, UT). The startup brings an innovative and interactive toy train to the market which teaches kids the fundamentals of programming while they play. It allows children to draw the train track, either on paper or digitally, and manipulate the behaviour of the train by giving it different inputs and commands. In a world that is becoming ever more dependent on technology, the need for programming skills is growing. LoCoMoGo provides a head start for children by helping them develop their logical thinking early on. Hear it from the startup itself:

DSIF guarantees that you will be hearing much more from this hypetrain in the future, so stay tuned!

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