Who can apply?

(Co)founders must be active students or PhD of Saxion University of Applied Sciences or the University of Twente, or have graduated maximum 1 year ago. Start-ups must be founded and be predominantly operational in the province of Overijssel. 

We are industry agnostic, meaning we do not focus on just one industry. Anyone is welcome! From IT to agriculture, from entertainment to the communication industry. If your idea has potential and can help and improve society in any way, do not hesitate for a moment and share it with us! 

A start-up passes through multiple phases of development and we support them in pre-seed and seed stages as well. 



Pilot project 

Scaling up

If you have just an idea and you need funding to bring it to life we can offer starting capital for materials and software.

If you have already found a launching customer or a company willing to engage with you in a pilot we can support that too.

When you have a validated idea and it’s ready to scale up we will support you in doing  so, with both capital and providing you our extensive network.

Dutch Student Investment Fund Deal