Join the DSIF Team

Do you have an interest in investing, entrepreneurship and startups? Would you like to learn how to invest, expand your network and gain valuable experience? Then the Dutch Student Investment Fund (DSIF) might be the right place for you! We are looking for passionate students to join the team and help us run and grow the first student venture capital fund in the Netherlands!

Who can join the team?

DSIF is all about diversity and openness. That is why students from different backgrounds and studies from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Science are welcome to apply. That way, we get a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team to lead DSIF with creativity and expertise. We do not ask for previous affiliation or experience in finance, investment and venture capital. Any previous knowledge in this area is of course great. But for now, passion and willingness to learn will do!

Find out more about the open positions in this post Join DSIF: We are looking for 2024-25 board members.

What do we offer?

DSIF offers you a unique opportunity to expand your horizons in the domain of venture capital investing and startups. The positions within the fund are flexible part-time board positions. The board members are apart from their roles also investors. They discuss, assess and financially support the startups.

We provide a solid network of partners that can be a valuable connection. This can for example be a partner that gives you trainings where you can learn more about investing. You will also get the chance to work on teamwork, organizational skills, time-management, communication… the options are limitless. At the end of the day, your time at DSIF is what you make of it!

How to join the team?

DSIF - join the team step 1

Submit your
CV & motivation

Tell us about yourself, what you would like to do in DSIF and why you are the person for the position. Below you will find an application form.

DSIF - join the team step 2

Do an assignment

We will give you a short assignment to get a feel of what venture capital investing is.

DSIF - join the team step 3

Online interview

You will be invited to an interview with the current DSIF board to discuss your application.

Selection process

Once we have processed all applications, we will make a selection of candidates that we believe are the best fit with DSIF.

Start with

We will start with on-boarding to introduce new members to DSIF so that they can lead the fund towards new heights.

DSIF Vacancy Application for 2024-2025

Application deadline is on July 15, 2024.