European Startups to Watch in 2021

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Anastasia Coviliac

Anastasia Coviliac

Anastasia is a BSc International Business Administration student at the University of Twente and 2020-2021 marketing ambassador of DSIF, who works on the project-based position.

Europe's venture market is a dynamic place where original ideas can scale up. However, just a few startups have the potential to survive for a long-term period. We gathered the top 10 most promising and exciting to watch European startups.

1. Picnic

It is a Dutch company founded in 2015 that works on the principle of an online platform which connects grocery supermarkets with the customers. Firstly, online orders received from consumers are processed to all suppliers, e.x. Albert Heijn, Jumbo. Afterwards greengrocers are connected with the Picnic platform , whose mission is to deliver fastly and at a low price the desired products.

2. Bunq

It is a second Dutch startup that includes all bank utilities and functions in one app. Just via creating an account you can start organizing your savings and payment transactions without personal details such as BSN. Very handy and useful application for those who just came to live in the Netherlands.

3. Voi

Originally founded in Sweden, Voi technology creates and manages electric scooters for urban commuters in Stockholm. Currently it is working on the ambition of rolling out the entire European market. E-scooters and e-bikes have a lot of advantages in the urban lifestyle and Voi is a good provider of them.

4. Bitfury

A third Dutch startup in our list, which represents a service based company on the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. Several years ago, it raised a total of $170 million via VC fundraising, and now the company proposes a variety of services such as software applications, cybersecurity, and blockchain research. Moreover, Bitfury designs, manufactures, and sells mining hardware.

5. Unbabel

Unbabel has raised over $60 million in funding. The goal is to build “a language operations platform that helps every team across a company easily interact with customers in any language.” Unbabel works on the principle of the Artificial Intelligence method and is differentiated from other translation providers via a combination of neural machine translation learning and machine learning.

6. Teamtailor

The startup has a goal of helping companies promote themselves as attractive workplaces to recruit employees. Basically, applicants and employers are met via this platform to find each other for the best fitting for the available position. It was founded in Sweden and now has 110.000 customers across all markets and in the near future it is expected to grow by changing the HR industry.

7. Klarna

Klarna has confirmed a $1 billion funding round, having a value of $31 billion. While attracting new and existing investors, Klarna is considered to be the highest-valued private fintech in Europe and the second highest worldwide. What is the company’s purpose? Company provides online financial services such as payments for online storefronts, direct payments and post purchase payments and was founded in 2005.

8. Tink

It is a provider of a new generation of banking. It lets you connect with thousands of European banks and financial institutions. And what makes them unique is that they offer services and tools from big banks and fintechs to startups to build the future of financial services and operations. It raised $103 million at current rates.

9. Penta

It is the German business banking provider for small and medium sized enterprises that tries to involve all business financial needs in one place. Penta is used for basic banking tasks such as transactions or online billing to accounting, expense management, charging customers or getting loans. Currently, it has raised “over” €8 million in new funding participating in the round held by HV Holtzbrinck Ventures.

10. iBanFirst

French startup “provides international payment solutions based on cutting-edge technology that give them full control on foreign exchange and payments.” The company is performing well, with close to $20 million in annual revenue and recently raised a $23.8 million fund. At the moment, iBanFirst company has 180 employees and 4,000 customers across Europe. In total, the startup has raised $52.2 million (€46 million).

These were just a small number of startups that have attracted attention in the current year. Despite the fact that the Corona crisis affected all small businesses and big companies, it was a good opportunity to push forward new business ideas.

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