DSIF provides funding to Eden to build vertical aeroponic farms!

DSIF provides funding to Eden
Dutch Student Investment Fund

Dutch Student Investment Fund

Dutch Student Investment Fund (DSIF) is a student-run venture capital fund. DSIF invests into innovative startups created by bachelor, master, PhD students or recent graduates from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

As our farmers and fields face climate change challenges, we need daring entrepreneurs to build solutions. DSIF is excited to partner with Eden Advanced Technologies as they build vertical autonomous aeroponics farms. The investment will be used for product development, allowing Eden’s farms to disrupt the vertical farming market.

About Eden Advanced Technologies

DSIF provides funding to Eden Advanced Technologies that builds autonomous vertical aeroponics farms. A lot of complicate words, but they mean something very simple: Eden can grow anything, anywhere, all year-round, using 98% less water. And it does it all on its own, “farmers” only need to plant and harvest. Eden differentiates itself by enabling anyone to grow a wide variety of crops in optimized environments and nutrient solutions. More, Eden farms are designed to reduce resource use and waste. No more pesticides, no more shipping, no more packaging.

The seed of Eden was planted already in January 2016 by three (at the time) University of Twente Students, Toms Bernhards, Christiaan Haas and Marius V. Scrieciu. Six prototypes have been developed over the course of more than three years. This allowed the company to germinate, grow and harvest plants in their aeroponics farms. Eden has conducted a great deal of trials of designs and ideas in the pursuit of building a reliable system.  Most importantly, the company has established strong relations in its field. A good number of partners help Eden to fine-tune the offering and introduce it to new markets.

Jaric Wiegman, president of the fund, explains why DSIF believes in Eden’s success: “Big problems require ambitious teams to solve them. If the Eden team is one thing, it is ambitious.  Eden is on a mission to help solve one of the most pressing problems of our time. With their passion and expertise, they are sure to succeed.”

Here is a small glimpse at Eden Farms

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