Cover_Why Starting a Start-up & What Can Help You

Why Start a Start-up & What Can Help You

Start-ups are created to bring innovations to the markets by combining maximum drive and motivation. Being in the position of a new stage company sometimes causes uncertainty where help from more experienced ones is more than welcomed. In this blog, we tell you why it is worthy to start a start-up and what can help you.

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5 Simple Ways to Be an Effective Leader in Small Teams

Usually, the first steps of start-up development are realized in small teams, with an emphasis on good cooperation with each other. Management of small teams differs in some aspects from one of larger teams, mostly because of its more intimate working atmosphere. In this blog, we provide you with tips that can help with leading a small team and improve team-work efficiency.

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Pandemic Edition: Tips on Keeping Your Start-up Team Motivated

COVID-19 forced start-ups to rapidly adapt to the online environment and navigate through financial and operational challenges. This sharp change influenced team motivation and engagement due to the lack of physical interaction. In this blog, we provide you with general tips on keeping your start-up team motivated in these uncertain times.

Want to Launch a Start-Up? 5 Tips from The Founder of LoCoMoGo Kibet Kipkemoi

A future entrepreneur must know what one will deal with before jumping straight into the uncertain world of start-ups. This blog will provide you with tips from a founder of a promising start-up LoCoMoGo and will give you a glimpse of investor’s expectations for your future start-up. You will learn a noteworthy product strategy, the importance of your start-up purpose, a formula for the perfect pitch, the significance of a good team, and challenges that awaits you.

Studies and Start-up: Tips and Tricks

We know that launching a start-up can be very challenging, and for some combining start-up with studies seems almost impossible. But is it?
In fact, some of the most successful start-ups, such as Facebook, WordPress and Dropbox were all created by students. We also wanted to break this stereotype by interviewing the founder of Hops & Grains, Yorick Bosch. As he and his team had a first-hand experience of what it is like to maintain good grades at the university and at the same time build a start-up. By combining his input with other useful tips & tricks, we prepared some insights on how to successfully launch a start-up as a student.