What Is Venture Capital And How Does It Work?

Venture capital has funded many of the world’s most well-known and profitable companies, from WhatsApp to Coinbase to Spotify. But what is it exactly? In this blog, we will go over the core concepts of venture capital, including what it is, how it works, and our vision as a VC. If you are thinking about raising capital for your startup, this article will help you figure out if venture capital is a good option for you.

Top 10 Promising Sustainable Startups to Watch in 2021

Global warming, which poses a serious threat to the environment, has made many investors and companies realise the need for sustainable business practices. Currently, there are several startups that are doing their best to meet environmental obligations. We have listed ten high-rated startups that are making great strides in the field of sustainability and circularity.

DSIF Blog_European startups to watch in 2021

European Startups to Watch in 2021

Europe’s venture market is a dynamic place where original ideas can scale up. However, just a few startups have the potential to survive for a long-term period. We gathered the top 10 most promising and exciting to watch European startups.

DSIF Blog_The Top 7 Books to Read for Student Entrepreneurs

The Top 7 Books to Read for Student Entrepreneurs

Books are a valuable source of information that can enrich a person in various fields. As for business books, there are so many that it may be challenging to choose the right one. In this blog, we bring you our 7 books, suitable for beginning start-ups and business enthusiasts.

Blog Cover - Join DSIF - Information on the Open Vacancies

Join DSIF – Information on the Open Vacancies

The Dutch Student Investment Fund (DSIF) is looking for new team members that could start working from the 1st of September! It is an exciting place for students to get real-life experience as a student startup investor and learn more about entrepreneurship. Five open vacancies are waiting for you, in this blog, you will find all the necessary information about them.

Blog Cover_DSIF Ambassadors Is It Worth Joining

DSIF Ambassadors: Is It Worth Joining?

The contribution of DSIF ambassadors raises the organization to the next level. They add value to the organization with their skills and enthusiasm. Joining DSIF is also very beneficial for the ambassadors themselves. Would you like to find out why? In this blog, we will discuss whether it’s worth it to become an ambassador of the Dutch Student Investment Fund.

DSIF BLOG COVER PHOTO: Recap of the Event: Domino Effect of Diversity & Inclusion in Entrepreneurial Growth

Recap of the Event: Domino Effect of Diversity & Inclusion in Entrepreneurial Growth

More creativity, mutual tolerance, openness, and much more can be gained from being part of a diverse team. We addressed this topic in our event where we invited two women entrepreneurs to share their experience related to diversity & inclusion. In this blog, we summarise the event and the knowledge we gained from our guest speakers.

It’s a Deal! DSIF Invests in The PropTech Start-up Clairify

A total amount of 50.000 euros has been invested in Clairify, a start-up founded by the two University of Twente alumni Wim Kamerman, Tibor Casteleijn and University of Amsterdam alumnus Felix van den Horst. Clairify’s technology is changing the real estate sector with its innovative smart sensors that measure the air quality and effects on people’s health.

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20 Venture Capital Terms You Should Know

All start-up teams that request investments from venture capitalists face different investment procedures and situations that involve specific knowledge and background in financing. For a beginner in the venture capital world, there is an enormous flood of terminology and financial information, which at a first glance might seem complicated and difficult, but there is no reason to panic. We will provide you with the most commonly used terminologies in the venture capital environment and will enrich your financial vocabulary.