Want to Launch a Start-Up? 5 Tips from The Founder of LoCoMoGo Kibet Kipkemoi

A future entrepreneur must know what one will deal with before jumping straight into the uncertain world of start-ups. This blog will provide you with tips from a founder of a promising start-up LoCoMoGo and will give you a glimpse of investor’s expectations for your future start-up. You will learn a noteworthy product strategy, the importance of your start-up purpose, a formula for the perfect pitch, the significance of a good team, and challenges that awaits you.

Studies and Start-up: Tips and Tricks

We know that launching a start-up can be very challenging, and for some combining start-up with studies seems almost impossible. But is it?
In fact, some of the most successful start-ups, such as Facebook, WordPress and Dropbox were all created by students. We also wanted to break this stereotype by interviewing the founder of Hops & Grains, Yorick Bosch. As he and his team had a first-hand experience of what it is like to maintain good grades at the university and at the same time build a start-up. By combining his input with other useful tips & tricks, we prepared some insights on how to successfully launch a start-up as a student.