DSIF venture capital

Venture capital – what is it?

In the majority of cases, many early-stage startups do not have the option for self-funding. They are forced to look for financing from external sources. Due to their high-risk label, many startups often have very thin chances of obtaining finance through low-risk investing institutions such as banks. Venture capital as a rising trend in the startup and investment world might just make life for startups easier.

DSIF provides funding to Eden

DSIF provides funding to Eden to build vertical aeroponic farms!

As our farmers and fields face climate change challenges, we need daring entrepreneurs to build solutions. DSIF is excited to partner with Eden Advanced Technologies as they build vertical autonomous aeroponics farms. The investment will be used for product development, allowing Eden’s farms to disrupt the vertical farming market.

Locomogo x DSIF

LoCoMoGo it’s a deal…DSIF invests in a programming toy train!

We are proud to announce that DSIF has invested 50.000 euros in a UT start-up LoCoMoGo, the company of student entrepreneur Kibet Kipkemoi. The master student Embedded Sytems develops a toy train that teaches children – in a playful way – the basics of programming.